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Rabbi Yossef (Prophetic Teacher) Joseph Applegate

Born: 1955, Tampa, Florida
Current Residence: Golden Colorado

  • Bachelor of Arts 1977 - University of South Florida
  • Graduate of Faith Bible College, Arvada Colorado
  • Founder of alt.messianic internet newsgroup
  • Ordained by Lily of the Valley Ministries in 1990
  • Congregational Leader of Kehilat Ari Y'huda, Arvada Colorado

Joseph Applegate was born in Tampa Florida in 1955, and knew nothing of his family heritage until the age of 10 when his family went to visit his grandfather, Rabbi Guttenstein, in New York. At the insistence of his grandfather and against the objections of his father, he and his mother began attending a reform synagogue upon their return to Florida. He was Bar Mitzvah at age 13. Yet despite this experience by his senior year of High School he had turned totally from G-d and rejected the faith of his grandfather much as his mother had done. By his sophomore year of college he was a dedicated atheist and subsequently President of the South Florida Chapter of the American Atheist Union.

G-d, of course, had other plans for his life. In 1976 after the funeral of a friend who was killed in a tragic car accident less than one hour after she had given her life to the L-rd, he called out in anguish to the G-d he had rejected and to his surprise G-d answered.

As a believer, he struggled for years to teach the Judaic roots of the gospel in various denominations until he moved to Colorado and became involved with Calvary Chapel. There he was encouraged to teach those roots and for a while taught classes in the Jewishness of the Gospel at Calvary Chapel Bible College. In 1983, while visiting California, Lonnie Frisbee laid his mantle upon him and anointed him as a prophet teacher. Soon afterwards he was introduced to Moshe Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus.

Though not aware of the growth of the Messianic Movement at the time Yossef continued to teach the Judaic roots both at Calvary Chapel of Boulder and at a church which grew out of it... the Harvest. For years he would keep Shabbat and the Feasts in his home while inviting Christians to come and learn the way Y'shua and the first century believers rejoiced in the L-rd. In 1986, while working as a computer science instructor at the Colorado School of Mines, he discovered the Internet and was soon preaching the gospel in Judaic terms in the Internet Newsgroups, which at that time was largely accessed only through universities. After successfully leading several Jewish students to Y'shua on the newsgroup soc.culture.Judaism, an organized group of anti-missionaries filed suit against the State of Colorado, his employer, claiming that he was using the internet to promote anti-semitism by preaching the G-d of the Nazi's. This frivolous and ridiculous lawsuit was settled by his agreement to form a new newsgroup for Messianics called alt.messianic.

In 1984, Yossef began to work with California Evangelist Wally Tope in the development of tracts for various cults. Upon his death, as a result of the Rodney King riots, those tracts passed to Yossef and are to be found in the publications section of this site. In 1990, while leading a team feeding the homeless in downtown Denver, Yossef met up with Pastor Howard Marsh, who ordained him to the ministry and invited him to share his radio program on KLTT. On Howard's death in 1998, Lily of the Valley Ministries was bequeathed to Yossef.

In 1999 as a result of his continued preaching on alt.messianic, Yossef met a retired Rabbi, who insisted that he had a message for Jew and Gentile alike and financed the initial creation of the Heart of Israel. Two weeks later, Yossef was asked to assume the leadership of a local congregation, Kehilat Ari Y'huda... where he is ministering to this day.

Messianic Rabbi (Torah Teacher) Ariel ben-Lyman HaNaviy
*Mr. HaNaviy is not a staff member of HOI. Mr. HaNaviy's commentaries constitute an online contribution to HOI and affiliates.

Born: 1967 in Denver Colorado
Current residence: Denver, Colorado USA

  • Born again believer in the Messiah of Isra'el to whom all the glory is due
  • Graduated Salutatorian from High School in 1985
  • Attended Liberty University on a scholarship for radio communication
  • Radio announcer at Colorado Christian University Radio, KWBI, FM 91.1
  • Attended Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Appointed as the Jewish lay-leader for Jewish Military personnel at Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • He also accepted s'mikhah (laying on of hands, hence ordination, grant of authority) as the rabbi of Dothan Messianic Congregation in Alabama, from the outgoing rabbi

Ariel ben-Lyman HaNaviy was born in Denver Colorado in 1967, the third oldest of seven children. Although his father is not Jewish, his mother is a Messianic Jew and soon after marriage, his father also accepted Messiah. His father went on to become a minister, and his mother, a Sunday-school superintendent. Ariel came to trust in the Messiah Yeshua at the age of eleven, while attending Mile High Baptist Church and School. After graduating salutatorian of his high school class in 1985, he went on to attend Liberty University on a scholarship to study radio communication. In 1987 he began his career as a radio announcer at Colorado Christian University Radio, KWBI, FM 91.1. During this time he also began church work as an intern Sunday-school minister, teaching the Jewish roots of Christianity, at House of Joy Miracle Deliverance Church in Denver. He resigned from KWBI in 1995.

Upon joining the Army in 1996, he also answered the call to begin his formal studies in becoming a Messianic Jewish Rabbi, attending Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Appointed as the Jewish lay-leader for Jewish Military personnel at Fort Rucker, Alabama, he also accepted s'mikhah (laying on of hands, hence ordination, grant of authority) as the rabbi of Dothan Messianic Congregation in Alabama, from the outgoing rabbi. He retired from the Military Chaplains in 2000.

Married in Pusan, South Korea on September 24, 2000 to his native-born Korean sweetheart Sookie, he currently works for Kehilat T'nuvah (The Harvest©) as an adjunct Torah Teacher, writer, research analyst, Shabbat morning school teacher, and chazan (cantor). This being their home congregation, Kehilat T'nuvah features Mark McLellan as the Senior Messianic Pastor. View The Harvest web site.

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May the God of Isra'el alone receive glory for the lives He has changed!

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Biblebytes Author Helen Hagen

Born: July, 1935
Current Residence: Davenport, Iowa

Born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, I was brought up as a Lutheran Christian; finished High School, joined the Air Force, worked in Electronics and drove a fork lift at the John Deere Warehouse. Still residing in Dav. Ia. Retired now. I am currently non-denominational, and I also took courses at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

My grandmother and parents were very strict Christians; I was a rebel. I think they all prayed me into the arms of Jesus, which at the age of 40, finally their prayers were answered, but none lived long enough to see that Glorious Day. I'm sure were amongst those shouting in heaven on that day, with the rest of the angels, at every single one of us that finds Messiah..

I believed in Yeshua all my life, but did not know about the Holy Spirit, or that I had to be "born again". I never knew I could have a personal relationship with Messiah. It was beyond my comprehension... until one day, a Christian fellow worker started to talk to me at the watercooler (really), and asked me if I was 'saved.' I said, "How do you know if you're saved or not?" And He simply said "He died so YOU could be. He emphasized the 'you,' poking his finger in my adbomen, and left.

I thought about that during the evening, sitting on my bed, and as I thought about it, the YOU kept ringing in my ears. I was finally taking this matter personally. I always pictured Him way up there in the Heavens, being the God of this whole world, thinking He didn't even know me. But the minute I took Him personally, something came all over me. I felt like the weight of the Whole World came off my shoulders, which actually was HIS Peace flowing completely through my entire body. With this, I fell asleep in awe of what had just taken place.

In trying to make this Short, I awoke the next morning, with a ravishing hunger for His Word which has continued to this very day. This was 20 some odd years. ago. His Word is to me now, almost more than I can bear. Like every Word overwhelms me. And I feel like every word, I could write a book about. When I read "Feed my Sheep", He spoke directly to me. As He revealed His Word to me, I always wrote down what words Jumped off the page at me, and wrote down the revelations He gave to me. I have suitcases full of writings in the past 20 yrs. He has shown me the Spiritual meanings behind the actual events in the Old Testament. It is a gift from God - to discern spiritual things in what He has hidden for the Holy Spirit - to show us the things to come.

I am a single woman, and I am about the things of God, having no other distractions. Besides my little kitties I just got. I do these studies because I'm like Moses; I can't talk well in front of others. So I write it down. That's about the short of it...

I have had a Free Email Biblebyte Bible Studies now for the past 3 yrs. and those who have signed up for it, are still there, so they must like them. Several of the Studies are quite long, as one thing leads to another as He has hidden truth, like a Giant Puzzle for those Who will seek Him. He is after all, THE WORD! I have found that the more we give to Him of ourself, the more He gives to us of Himself, only shaken down and running over. May He give you this hunger for His Word, an understanding to the way of Maturity, and a closer walk with our Messiah through these Bible Studies.

In Him, Helen Hagen...

HTML developer - Pia Cruz

Born in Sydney, my family moved when I was only 6 months old. We went to England, then Singapore, then the USA, then England, then the USA, then England, then Indonesia, then the USA. Then I went to Wales, then the USA and now I am back in Syndey, Australia! Brought up in the church, I met Arial and Helen through after university. It was linked to HeartofIsrael at that time. That's how I met Joe (Yossef). He married this awesome lady who he married who I consider a wonderful friend too! They have been like a second set of parents for the last 10 years. I am now a full time high school teacher, occassionally helping someone with their local Australian limo service, Sydney. I'm also interested in making Christian movies but it's early days... the question is how to make them without being too cheesy? That's my present learning curve! Jesus - Yeshua - Daddy - is so awesome... His mercy surrounds all who trust in Him.