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The Place of Trumpeting

Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken. Jeremiah 6:17

The following Web Sites are recommended for you by the Rabbis of The Heart of Israel

Cantor Marty Goetz Original and Traditional songs of joy and worship to touch the heart of any Jew 

Hebrew Psalms Original compositions based on the Psalms of David as recorded by Psalmist David Ison.  All of David's Psalms are available free of charge in MP3 format from his web site.

Barry and Batya Segal from the heart of Israel, itself, comes this wonderful duet with a sound like a sixties folk group and a message to bless the heart of haShem.  You can also order their music by calling 1-912-351-0075

Y'huda brings classic Judaic music from the heart of Texas!  Yes, Texas... Truely we are a dispersed people whose hearts will always cry to haShem for mercy and for the peace of Yerushalaiyim.  Visit their web site to order their CD, "Shield of David" today.

Sites with more Information about the Messiah

Moshiach Online's Virtual Temple Tour An interactive journey through the 2nd Temple based on R. Leibel Reznick's  'The Holy Temple Revisited' (Jason Aronson, 1990). A masterpiece of scholarship on the Holy Temple.

What do the Talmudic Rabban say about Messiah An excellent Series that details the teachings of the sages concerning Messiah

Tractate Middoth Part of the Mishnah Online

Tractate Sanhedrin More of the Mishnah Online

Messianic Magnificent original artwork that captures the mission of Messiah


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