False Prophets

How Should Torah Observant Believers Deal with Them


Christianity has always had its share of false prophets from Marcion to Joseph Smith Jr. ear ticklers have sought to spread their personal revelations as if they were the voice of G-d on earth. Even in modern times false prophets and false messiahs like Sun Yung Moon and Jim Jones have sought to lead astray the very elect. We should not be amazed that the sons of belial should come as shepherds to lead astray the very elect, we were warned from the beginning that they would come.

Jeremiah 14:14 Then haShem said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spoke unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of naught, and the deceit of their heart.

G-d even tells us explicitely how to judge a prophet for certain.

Deuteronomy 18:21-22 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?
When a prophet speaketh in the name of haShem, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which haShem hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

It is easy to speak forth prophecy, because it is easy to set dates and state that you are doing so not by the word of prophecy but by an interpretation of scripture. Now the question always arises as to whether a teacher can honestly teach a bad interpretation of scripture without it being a prophecy. That is possible and such a teacher should respond to the truth with humility and deep repentance. Such a man should probably never allow himself to be caught in such a position again but refusing to publically teach. A true spirit of repentance showing a true relationship with Y'shua would bring such a man to never want to place himself in that position again.

However, most false prophets glory in their prophetic calling, thinking that it elevates them above others in the body. The food of the false prophet is his arrogance and pride. Joseph Smith Jr. even after his false prophecies were pointed out, continued to prophesy and culminated his reign of deception of the sheep by murdering a newspaper editor who exposed him for what he was.

What should we do when a false prophet is found in the body of Messiah? First and foremost we should not fear them. Even more than that we should not listen to them. But most importantly WE SHOULD WARN OTHER SHEEP OF WHAT THEY ARE! It is not Lashon Hara to warn others of a danger. And there is nothing more dangerous spiritually than a false prophet.

Let us examine the words of some self-proclaimed prophets in the Messianic Fringe and see if they meet the test of false prophet.

Monte Judah

Monte Judah of Lion and Lamb Ministries gained considerable popularity in the 90's both with the HebRoots Movement (a subset of the Two House Deception) and with the Prophecy Club, a group of dispensationalist prophecy interpreters which included Christian Zionists and psuedo Messianics.

His false prophecies which will be detailed shortly included the claim that 1993 was the beginning of the Tribulation, that the Abomination of Desolation would be set up in 1997, and that Prince Charles of Wales was the AntiChrist. It seems that these days, having been proven so very wrong that Monte Judah is trying to avoid date setting. Recent publications and tapes released from Monte Judah have focused on volcanic threats, earthquakes and other disasters as proof that this is the end times. Obviously the only lesson learnt dealt with the setting of exact dates. Monte Judah has amassed a large following, recently people have begun to sell their homes and move to his Messianic Community in Norman OK. His followers claim that Monte Judah was not a false prophet but a teacher who had made mistakes in his interpretation and has repented. Let us examine his own words to decide for ourselves.

In the February 1996 Yavoh publication by Lion and Lamb Ministries, Monte Judah declared that he was the mouthpiece of haShem:

"After the Lord instructed me to do so, I declared that the Middle East Peace Accord of 1993 started the 70th week of Israel. Therefore, I am warning others to look for specific events to occur in 1996 and 1997 consistent with the timeline and the center event of the 7-year period, the Abomination of Desolation. To that end, I am preparing and warning others that the Great Tribulation spoken of by Daniel and Yeshua will begin Feb/Mar of 1997. These dates were set by God when He started the 70th week."

Does it sound to you as if his claims are peophetic? Moshe warned that false prophets would make claims in the name of haShem. Well if we read further in this same issue (which Monte Judah has chosen to remove from his web site by the way) we find:

"Because I teach people to look for specific things, I am criticized as a "datesetter." But in defense of the argument, I remind people that I didn't make the Middle East Peace Accord of 1993 happen, nor did I select the Feast of Booths by the mouth of Zechariah. I am drawing a conclusion based on a Scriptural understanding. Further, I have openly called all men to examine my words and scrutinize them. If what I say does not happen, then brand me as a false prophet, listen to me no more, and heap the ridicule on to prevent others from making the same mistake. But I would remind you in accordance with the Scripture not to despise a prophetic utterance until it has been proven false"

Well Monte Judah has himself called for his own branding as a false prophet! How can anyone call themself a Torah Observant Believer and follow this False Prophet. There is a simple explanation. Monte Judah tickles the ears of gentiles who want to believe they are the lost tribes of Israel. False Prophets are natual ear ticklers, feeding the lost the lies they want to hear. Warning the body of Messiah about the dangers of Monte Judah is not a popular message. But it is one that a true Shepherd must do in order to save the sheep from a deceiver.

Michael Rood

Michael John Rood and his ministry called Rood Awakenings has been around for a long time in different forms. Originally part of a dangerous anti-deity of Jesus, free love cult named the Way International. Michael Rood became the darling of the Prophecy Club radio program and the prophetic ministry circuit in 2000 when he announced that Messiah would return at the feast of Tabernacles 2000.

Unlike Judah, Rood has not claimed the position of Prophet but routinely sets dates which do not come to pass, much in the same fashion as one of his mentors, Herbert W. Armstrong did. Many of Rood's most adamant supporters are former members of the Worldwide Church of God (WWCOG) a notorious antisemitic false prophecy cult derived from the Millerites. Rood's Doctrine is extremely similar to the WWCOG mixed with the teachings of the Way. He has become popular in large part to his ear tickling Ephraimite support which appeals to Gentiles who have no identity in Y'shua and wish to be part of Israel after the flesh.

The danger of Rood is his preoccupation with date setting. Much as Joseph Camping (Christian Zionist) did in 1988 with his pamplets on 88 Reasons Jesus will return in 1988. When these prophetic interpretations prove false many of the followers become disenheartened and have a tendancy to turn from the L-rd. The False Teachings of British Israelism are dealt with other places on this site, but the false prophecies of Michael Rood render him a special threat to the body