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The BODY OF MESSIAH is under attack

Only by standing in faith for our right to exist and worship our creator can Messianic Jews and Gentiles survive the onslaught

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Jewish believers in Y’shua are under a massive and coordinated attack by the enemies of the Gospel.  Antimissionary Groups such as Outreach Judaism, Jews for Judaism, and the Messiah Truth Project continue to harass and intimidate individual Messianic Jews and their groups.  For years these groups have used the rhetoric that all Messianic Jews are highly paid missionaries, that we are not and never have been Jews, that we are uneducated in Torah.  Lately the rhetoric has taken a harsher note, with claims that we exist only to steal Jewish souls and as such we are worse than Hitler.

Other groups of Gentile believers are trying to steal the message and identity of the Messianic movement for themselves.  Antisemitic groups and psuedo-Messianic groups have begun to attack the Messianic Jews by compromising the integrity of our witness and in some cases trying to promote the subjugation of Jews to Anglo-Saxons who they claim are the lost tribes.

The advent of world wide communications and global internet communities through such services as Yahoo and Paltalk has produced a more alarming trend toward personal attacks and intimidation, even to the point of threats.  Particularly hypocritical is the fact that they are now using the same missionary tactics which they false accuse ALL Messianic Jews of using to convert gentile Christians to a cult called Noahidism which is totally non biblical and to convert Messianic Jews to their particular sect of Judaism

The Messianic Defense League is dedicated to educating the Messianic Movement and the public pertaining to the tactics, policies, and persona of these so-called Anti-Missionary groups, which in our opinion, actually a cult like missions outreach for a particularly hateful sub-sect of Rabbinic Judaism.

At this point in time we are gathering information in preparation for a catalogue of techniques and activities of these groups.  We will also be preparing a guide to countering the attacks of such groups in the near future.  Unlike them, we are not soliciting funds.  However, we do solicit your prayer to the Most High G-d, that he will give us wisdom and strength to combat this enemy of the gospel.

We also solicit any and all information concerning harassment by members of these groups… in particular:

  • Verbal or physical threats against individuals or their family members because of their belief in Y’shua as Moshiach
  • Slander against individuals or groups who proclaim Y’shua
  • Racial intimidation against Jewish believers in Messiah Y'shua by Gentiles or Rabbinic Jews
  • Cyber terrorism (hacking) against Messianic individuals or ministries
  • Sexual intimidation of Messianic individuals by so-called antimissionaries
  • Missionaizing in the Christian section of paltalk in order to lead Jews or Gentiles away from Y'shua
Gather as much evidence as possible, chat logs, audio or video streams or tapes, pictures, or other physical evidence and contact the site owner.All information / names will be kept in the strictest confidence.

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