Psalms and Prophecies

A Psalm by Connie Saffle

Before U were thought of, or Time had begun,

HaShem had placed U in the Name of His Son.

And each time U pray, you’ll see that it’s true:

You can’t spell ‘Yeshua’ and not include ‘U’.


You’re a pretty big part of His wonderful Name,

For U, He was born.  That’s why He came.

And His great love for U is the reason He died.

It even takes U to spell ‘crUcified’!


Isn’t it thrilling and splendidly grand?

He rose from the dead, with U in His plan.

The stones split away, the old shofar blew,

And this word ‘resUrrection’ is spelled with a U.


When Yeshua left earth at His upward ascension,

He felt there was one thing He just had to mention.

“Go into the world, and tell them it’s true:

I love them all, just like I love U!”


So many great people are spelled with a U.

Don’t they need to know Yeshua too?

It all depends now, on what U will do:

He’d like them to know,

But it all starts with … U!!

Psalms from Sarina Croft


With bended knee or bended heart
G-d sees our soul and hears out part
In prayer and petition we seek His face
With love and mercy He shows His grace
If we have not we have but ask
Prayer is a privilege not a task
A Father's heart is for His child
However meek however wild
So turn to G-d in Y'shua's name
Release your sorrow and your pain
Give thanks for all the joy you gain
Trust and seek our glorious L-rd
He's the only risk we can afford


I lift my hands and bow my heart
In shout with joy how great Thou art
You are my G-d my breath my sight
Abba mine You are my light
You first began and have no end
I'm blessed because You called me friend
I live because you freed my soul
Your Word in me has made me whole
So as I lift my hands in praise
I see the day Your face I'll gaze
You are the Rock that holds me fast
I know in You I wont come last
You wrote a promise in my heart
Oh precious G-d how great thou art
Sarina Croft

 A Psalm Submitted for Christmas/Chanukah 2000


Gift for All.

On a very special night
G-ds glory shone so bright
For to us all a gift had come
His one and only Precious son.
A babe in humbleness was born
His mothers heart would soon be torn
For this gift was given to mankind
That moment G-d's heart touched mine
To bring us back His children lost
He knew with Blood and tears the cost.
And on that very special night
G-d's glory shone so very bright
A price would for you and I be paid
By this Babe who in a manger laid
By Sarina Croft 13/12/00

Psalms from J. R. Applegate


Peace comes not from without, but from within.
The Prince of Peace slept throughout the storm,
And then with but a word calmed waves and wind.
How therefore should we stand in the midst of the tempest?
Shall we rest with Him?
Shall we strive against the storm which seeks to destroy us?
With not but a word of faith can we find peace,
And in our souls bring peace unto the storm,
And with our eyes see peace manifested in physical.
Peace comes not from without, but from within.

Teach me to Walk by Faith

The just shall live by faith
Though they falter they shall not fall
For if they follow the Father’s will
They’ll prosper after all
Teach me to walk by faith
Step by step, one foot in front of the next
Teach me thy ways of righteousness, L-rd
And teach me to walk by faith
The plans of man are dust
And his breath is as the wind
For a season it might gust and blow
And then is gone again
The just shall live by faith
Though the walls around them fall
The righteous man shall walk by faith
And overcome it all
This world is full of pain
And doubt and unbelief
But if we cast our cares on him
He'll give to us His peace

A Sonnet for the Peace of Shabbat

Toda Abba for Shabbat
A day of REST
A day of PEACE
A day to spend with our Creator
A day to rest with our Redeemer
Reflecting on the miracle of life
Embracing the undeserved love of grace
Resting in the hope delivered
Knowing that our end is sure
We call to He who has redeemed us
Hosanna Hosanna, Baruch atah b'shem Adonai
You are deserved of all praise
For you have saved us all by grace

The Tree of Life

He planted a tree
        for you
        for me
A tree of knowledge
A tree of life
But one we stole
        in sin
        in greed
And lost the one
He planned for us
He planted a tree
        On Calvary
And planted Himself,
Our sacrifice
A gift of love
        So pure
        So free
That we could eat
to life again!

Fire in the Belly

A consuming fire is the Lord our G-d
    Burning away the chafe of sin
Bringing life to that which was dead
    Giving us the power to win
His fire cleanses, cleans, restores,
    What sin has robbed us of
And give us strength to carry on
    Filled with His Holy Love
Turn not away from His pure fire
    Turn not again to sin
Let it wash o’er you with power and love
    To cleanse you once again

Abba's Tears

I’ve seen your silent tears
Of pain, and sorrow, and shame
I’ve heard the cries of deep despair
That you’ve wept in my name
Heaven moves when it’s Saints cry
My Throne hallowed by their prayer
All is not lost, Do not despair
Your sorrow I will bear
For sorrow I have also known
My children turned from Me
They chose rebellion over love
And ate of the wrong tree
For even from the start I knew
That there must be a plan
To sanctify them from their shame
To bring sin to an end
Upon another tree I watched
As Mine own right arm did die
And opened up the heavens
That the world would see Me cry
See My tears of sorrow
At the price that I have paid
That you can be redeemed from shame
Atonement has been made

The Warrior

Weary stands the warrior
Staring o'er the land
A thousand foes against his one
and Yet he makes his stand

Weary kneels the warrior
On bended knee he prays
The battle has been raging
For o'er a thousand days

Yet in travail, rejoicing,
That the battle is the Lord's
His eyes yield nothing but distress
But his spirit battles forth

And then his eyes are open
To see who else is there
And finds that at his side there kneel
Others, in fervent prayer

Strengthened stands the warrior
Staring o'er the land
A thousand foes are put to flight
With the brushing of God's hand


Thanks be to You, my G-d,
for all that You have wrought,
for all the love and all the grace,
that through Your Son You bought.
That we as sinful men might know
the grace to overcome our due,
and in the Spirit of the Living G-d
have life fulfilled, restored, renewed.
And praises to Your Holy Name,
by which all men can now be saved.
For You redeemed us from the curse,
and by Your blood our debt was paid.
So great a love to give your life,
for sinners such as we.
We praise You for your sacrifice,
Give honor unto Thee.

Awesome Are You, L-rd

As I stare out unto the stars
I see that your in charge
I know that your my G-d and King
And yield to you my heart
How awesome is the L-rd of Hosts
How mighty is His hand
That reaches forth through out the earth
To touch the heart of man
He holds the sparrow in His hand
He sees my every tear
He cleanses me with His sweet blood
Washing away my fear
How awesome is our G-d and King
How loving His command
To bow our knee unto His Name
And on His Word to stand
Creator of the universe
For You alone are G-d
You care for every one of us
And wash us with Your blood
How awesome is the L-rd of Love
Who shed His blood for me
To die the death that I deserved
That I might be set free

A Psalm for Those Who Wait

Should not the weak cry out, Abba, save me.
Shall they that prosper in iniquity, bloom into fuller wickedness.
But thou, oh L-rd, art faithful to the righteous, slow to wrath, and Holy in judgment.
Shall not the judge of all the earth do right.
How long, oh L-rd, must we wait to be set free.
Then answered the L-rd, from His Holy of Holies.
I have made you free.
I have conquered sin.
I have destroyed death.
For all the circumstances that surround you, though they seem without end and without hope.
Behold, I AM your hope, and your exceeding great reward.
To him that overcomes, I will give the scepter of the victor.
To him that waits upon my plans, will I show the power of a loving G-d.
For my plans are wheels within wheels. My thought higher than you thoughts. My Word is faithful and amen.
It is my timing, says the L-rd, that will lay waste the plans of the wicked.
It is my faithfulness that will reveal their nature as my light reveals the depth of their darkness.
Wait and you will see. For the vision is mine to give and bring to pass. So also is the timing.
Have I not heard the weak cry out, Abba, save me.