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The Prayer Room
  • Daily pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel
  • Daily pray for Messiah Y'shua to come in our days
  • Daily pray for the restoration of haShem's Holy Temple
  • Daily pray haShem's will be done on earth as it is in heaven







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Rabbis are ready and willing to pray for you and with you. Enter your prayers in the form provided below. All prayers and prayer requests are held in strict confidence:

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Public Prayers, please join with us in taking these petitions to the Father in Y'shua's name.

Date Person Prayer Request
10/07/2002 Diane Linda is scheduled for Breast Cancer Surgery on 10/21
10/07/2002 Diane Karen has throat cancer, needs back surgery and now has been found to have a brain tumor.  Please pray for her and her children.  Their father is in prison, and needs to find the L-rd!
10/07/2002 Diane Olga is 15 and has been cutting herself.  Pray for deliverance.
10/07/2002 Diane Tanya is bipolar and under severe spiritual attack, Pray for deliverance and healing.
10/18/2002 Yossef Rav Yossef has been without a job as a Software Engineer for over 9 months now.  While it has given him a lot of time to work on this web site... and haShem is his provider... a real job is sorely needed!
10/16/2002 Ron Salvation for Tommi and for her job situation 

A Public Prayer submitted by a visitor.

From time to time a Prayer is sent to us by one of you that truly blesses us as an example of how the Believer should come before the throne of G-d.  With the permission of the sender we will post that prayer here for a season to share with out other readers.

This prayer was submitted by Elizabeth and is an excellent petition for us.  Change our hearts oh L-rd, to be more like Yeshua each day.

Father, I pray that the desire of my heart will always be to seek your will, to be obedient and to offer you a humble servant heart.  I love you so much Father and I thank you for your many Blessings.  I pray that each day you bless me with that I may be more like you, to reach out to my brothers & sisters in your precious love.  Thank you Yeshua for all that you do for me.  In your precious name Yeshua!