Bible Language Tutorials for the Beginner


Hebrew Bibles Online

The City Wall gives a list of other mostly font-based Hebrew Bibles some with vowel pointings and some without. Navigating the Bible - it's first pick, covers weekly studies (might be non-Messianic) of parts of Tenach: Torah, Prophets, and Writings among others. You only get the selected portions written out for the study as opposed to a free search of any text. Although if you're immediately having trouble with font install you can have a look at their current Hebrew texts since they use gifs.

The Unbound Bible also requires you install fonts, etc. to view online work including the Apocrypha primarily for historical purposes (they do not hold it up as the inerrant word of God). While they include Hebrew they also have other available languages. The site definitely promotes Jesus and Bibles can be downloaded. And you can search down to book, chapter and verse

Institute Practical Bible-education

From the Netherlands, this Intitute provides the entire Bible in Hebrew - both New and Old Testaments.

  • The Tenach can be searched at will, specifically the Masoretic Text. However, you need to install fonts to read the Hebrew. It's searches are more broadly chapter based.

    The search page lists all the books with clickable chapter numbers.

  • The New Testament in Hebrew is PDF based. No font installation is needed but you will need the free Acrobat reader and there is a link provided to obtain this.

If you want to go even further there is even a series of Bible Studies: The Scriptures Opened: A Christian Explanation of Scriptures to Israel from this Institute. Click here to read.