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What is MAN?

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If you have used the flashcards you might have noticed the following two words that are rendered as "man" in translation. These represent man from different points of view:

ish - relates to gender: male. Also used for something greater than adam (see below). A loftier, or greater man.
When God is spoken of as a man it is ish (for example: Exodus 15:3)
It has also been translated as "husband," and "person" in the KJV.

adam - points to origin - made from dust of the "adamah" - ground
Man/mankind in general.
Adam (the name of the first man) can be distinguished by an article - the man, but also rendered as man in other verses when the article is included.

Other Synonymous Words

1. Enosh - points to mortality and character (esp. wicked!). Note word origin: Click here.

Yet how is it in Genesis 18:16,22, this word is used of the 'men' (angels accompanying YHWH see Gen 18:1) if it denotes character & mortality - especially a failed one?

Answer: King James Companion Bible notes it can be a plural version of ish (see above notes).

2. Geber - points to strength - a mighty man.

For more details, please refer to Appendix 14 of the King James Companion Bible - it's one of my new most favorite reference books!