The HeartofIsrael.net Messianic FAQ

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section is provided to answer your questions about the Heart of Israel web site and the Messianic Movement in General. Feel Free to ask other questions as the L-rd leads but search here for answers first.

  • How Did This All Begin? ( 1 )

    A Brief History of Heart of Israel Ministries.

  • History of ALT.MESSIANIC ( 3 )

    The History of the Usenet Newsgroup ALT.MESSIANIC

  • The History of the Shul of the Web ( 4 )

    The History of the Messianic Web Site HeartofIsrael.org

  • What is a Messianic Jew? ( 5 )

    What is a Messianic Jew and why do they need their own community for worship, teaching, and fellowhip?

  • Jewish Relations ( 6 )

    The relationship between Messianic Jews and Rabbinic Jews.

  • Christian Relations ( 7 )

    The relationship between traditional Christians and Messianic Jews.

  • Messianic Theology ( 8 )

    The Diverse Theology of the Messianic Movement.