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  • F.A.Q: Messianic Theology

    The Diverse Theology of the Messianic Movement.

    1. Do Messianic Jews believe that Y'shua was G-d?
    2. Who do Messianic Jews believe Y'shua was?
    3. Are Rabbinic Jews Saved?
    4. When Will Y'shua Return?
    5. Do Messianic Jews Observe Shabbat?
    6. Do Messianic Jews Celebrate Christian Holidays?

    1. Do Messianic Jews believe that Y'shua was G-d? - Top

    Many Messianic Jews believe that the promises of G-d, can only be fulfilled by G-d, himself... and by pointing to numerous Messianic prophecies in the Old Covenant that indicate such a divine nature, they allude that Messiah, and in particular Y'shua are G-d in human form.

    Others reject such ideas as being anti-Jewish and/or pagan, and believe that Messiah Y'shua was ressurected and preserved even though he was fully human, and will come to reign over us for 1000 years, but hold true to a litteral interpretation of the Shma: That G-d is ONE.

    This is a perfectly acceptable subject for discussion in our forum and in our study groups (chatroom). - Updated: November 6, 2004

    2. Who do Messianic Jews believe Y'shua was? - Top

    The only applicable answer is the one given by the Messianic Jew, Shimon Kefa (Simon Peter), "The Messiah, the Son of the Living God"
    - Updated: November 6, 2004

    3. Are Rabbinic Jews Saved? - Top

    Rav Sha'ul (Paul) in his epistle to the Romans explained that salvation is always by faith and not by works, by giving the example of the faith of our father Abraham of whom it is said, "He believed G-d and it was accounted to him for righteousness".

    The question of the salvation of Rabbinic Jews is no different than the question of salvation of any man, have they believed the promise of Messiah spoken by G-d?

    Undoubtably, Rabbinic Jews, as their forefathers, the Pharisees, have rejected the identity of Y'shua benYosef, the Nazarene, as Messiah. But Rav Sha'ul also tells us that this was in accord with the plan of G-d: That the Jews of his day must reject the Messiah first in order that the message of G-d's provision might go out to the nations. Furthermore, how is it that the Patriarch''s (Abraham, Issac, and Jacob) were saved... since they came before Y'shua, then their salvation is by their faith in the promise rather than the
    promise himself.

    So then, Jews who today reject the message of Y'shua, and the everlasting gospel of His peace, are yet saved by their faith in the Messiah to come, who will come tp fulfill ALL promises to Israel. Thus Rav Sha'ul writes... even so ALL Israel shall be saved. - Updated: November 6, 2004

    4. When Will Y'shua Return? - Top

    When Abba (The Father) tells him to...

    Not before... not after!

    But there are biblical events which MUST precede his coming.

    1. A falling away (99% of the Church proves this has already happened!)
    2. The Son of Perdition must be revealed. This has not happened. This is not just the spirit of AntiMessiah as some say... he is a real man, the prince of Tyre in Exekiel 28 who will set up a one world government and religion to devieve the world. - Updated: November 8, 2004

    5. Do Messianic Jews Observe Shabbat? - Top

    On the 7th day of Creation G-d rested from his Work... while the scriptures do not indicate specifically that he instructed the newly created Adam to do the same, it is consistant with what we know of the most highs nature to assume he would instruct his new son likewise.

    In any event we know that G-d gave the commandment to observe Shabbat to the Sons of Avraham at Sinai and in other places. He never gave any man the authority to change that day, and we know that Y'shua observed the 7th day as Shabbat.

    Acts 20 shows Rav Shaul (Paul) teaching on the evening of the first day of the week. This was not a sunday evening service as so many christians would assume but a Saturday night service... a Havdilah to seperate the holiness of Shabbat from the profane of the week. Because in the Hebraic context the day begins at sundown not at sunrise.

    The migration from a 7th day Shabbat to Sunday worship is ackowledged by the Roman Catholic Church to be their idea and done under their authority as representatives of Christ on the earth. Perhaps this is the same logic that appointed Mathias as the 12th apostle instead of waiting for Y'shua to call Shaul on the road to Damascus?

    Almost without exception all messianics keep a 7th day shabbat from sundown friday until sundown Saturday. While the degree of observance will vary the presence of the observance is virtually universal. - Updated: November 8, 2004

    6. Do Messianic Jews Celebrate Christian Holidays? - Top

    This is a loaded question... because most Messianic Jews believe that they are the true "Christians".

    Chrismas: How could any one not love Christmas... a roaring yule tide log, a glorious tree, and a nice fat old elf bring presents? I'm sorry to play the Grinch here but... none of this is found in the Word of G-d. There is no evidence as all of a Dec. 25 birth for Y'shua. The wise men did not have a sleigh pulled reindeer. Jeremiah 10 clearly describes and condemns the pagan practice of a Christmas tree which predates the birth of Messiah by 500+ years. So can you go to a candlelight service with your neighbor on Christmas eve... sure go and tell them about Chanukah! Can you buy your wife a Christmas present? Sure but do it because you love her not because of a pagan holiday.

    Easter: Originally a feast day for Astarte, the fertility festival of Easter has also been Christianized. We celbrate it as ressurection day. Choclate bunnies and colored eggs have far more to deal with pagan fertiltiy rites than with Y'shua the Risen Son of G-d.

    Instead Messianic Jews and Gentiles keep the feast that G-d ordained in Leviticus 23:

    Pesach: the sacrfice of the lamb of G-d. Death passed over us because of the blood of the lamb on the doorposts and lintel of our hearts.

    Shauvuoth: 50 days after pesach - G-d gave us LSE from Sinai... 50 days after the crucifiction G-d poured out his Spirit on all flesh. Both are a first fruit from obediance.

    Yom HeTeruah: Blow the Shofar in Zion... gather the holy ones together. A symbol of the rapture yet to come.

    Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement - we are atoned by the blood of the lamb, without spot of blemish, but in our atonement judgement shall be poured out upon the world.

    Sukkoth: and after that Judgement, Y'shua will come and tabernacle with us. Sukkoth is a reminder of the Messianic age to come. - Updated: November 8, 2004