The Messianic FAQ
  • F.A.Q: Jewish Relations

    The relationship between Messianic Jews and Rabbinic Jews.

    1. Why Do Messianic Jews Refer to Other Jews as Rabbinic Jews?
    2. Are Messianic Jews Anti-Semitic?
    3. Have Jewish christians Left Judaism and Become Idoloters?
    4. Are Messianics Paid Missionaries?
    5. Why do Messianics try to Evangelize Jews?
    6. What is an Anti-Missionary?

    1. Why Do Messianic Jews Refer to Other Jews as Rabbinic Jews? - Top

    All of the modern, traditional forms of Judaism derive their faith from this teachings of the great Rabbin thoughout history, and this tradition continues from the first centuries Pharisitical Movement. The teachings and traditions of these rabban define Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative Judaism, but Messianic Judaism is defined by the teachings and traditions of the Y'shua and his Apostles, who were the first Christians and the authors of the New Covenant writings.
    - Updated: November 6, 2004

    2. Are Messianic Jews Anti-Semitic? - Top

    One of the greatest lies promulgated by the Rabbinic Jewish community is the concept that Christianity is anti-Semitic. While it is true that many who have called themselves Christian throughout history have committed great crimes against the Jews. Few of these people could truly be called Christian because they ignored the clear commandments of Paul not to rail against (attack) the Jews because they were another branch of the same tree of faith. Jesus, himself, warned that many false teachers and prophets would come in his name and try to lead astray the very elect. Scripture is clear that G-d has never rejected the Jews, but has preserved them through time, like no other people, in the face of great persecution, that His plan for their salvation will be brought to pass at the end of days.

    Most Bible believing Christians, both Jew and Gentile, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and desire to bless the Jews as G-d's chosen people. - Updated: November 6, 2004

    3. Have Jewish christians Left Judaism and Become Idoloters? - Top

    Many Messianic Jews believe that their movement is a return to the original faith and practice of the first century church, which was predominately Jewish. As a result, they actively work to educate Gentile believers in the Jewish roots of their faith.
    - Updated: November 6, 2004

    4. Are Messianics Paid Missionaries? - Top

    Another popular lie propagated by some Jewish groups is that all Messianics are paid missionaries. This could not be farther from the truth. Most Messianic beleivers are simply Jews or Gentiles who have sought to return to the Hebraic roots of the Church as expressed in the Book of Acts.

    All believers are called to do the work of evangelism, but a missionary by nature is someone who vocation is spreading the gospel. - Updated: November 6, 2004

    5. Why do Messianics try to Evangelize Jews? - Top

    Because the Gospel is for the Jew first and then the Greek. The command to proclaim the good news that Messiah has come and made the perfect sacrifice for all sin is a basic tenet of christianity. Bible believing Christians of all denominations follow the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel to all people, whether they be heathen, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, or Buddhist. It is the hearer's choice to accept or reject that message.

    Groups such as Jews for Jesus are involved in Evangelizing all people, not just Jews... but because of their Jewish heritage it is easier for many Jewish Christians to witness to a fellow Jew than to others, just as a Chinese Christian would have an easier time witnessing to an Oriental. - Updated: November 6, 2004

    6. What is an Anti-Missionary? - Top

    Cartain organized groups such as Outreach Judaism and Jews for Judaism have formed organized resistance to Messianics, propagating the lie that all Messianics are paid missionaries sent to destroy Jewish souls.

    These organizations are the best example of the lie they themselves promote. They use fear and deception to raise money from innocent Jews to support their own hate filled agenda of persecuting a religious minority. They are the bottom feeders of Judaism in my opinion. - Updated: November 6, 2004