The Messianic FAQ
  • F.A.Q: The History of the Shul of the Web

    The History of the Messianic Web Site

    1. How Did originate? - Top

    After years of trying to establish a presence on the Internet for a Messianic Community, Joe Applegate eventually developed an online freindship with a retired Rabbi who had been forced to retire after accepting Y'shua as Messiah. After several years of discussions both on and off line, that Rabbi asked one day what it would take to develop and community for Messianics to fellowship in without the constant harassment of the Anti-Missionaries.

    When Mr. Applegate respnded money and time and determination, this rabbi opened his pocketbook and funded the Shul of the Web.

    Over the years since its launch in 2000, has absorbed other ministries and developed its own content, becoming the host for Chazak, the Messianic Apologetics repository and for The dream continues to grow to this day. - Updated: November 5, 2004

    2. What Can Be Found on the Shul of the Web? - Top

    1. Messianic Teachings in text, real audio, and video from several Messianic teachers. As a community of believers we are committed to teaching the WHOLE D'var Chayee (Living Word) to the edification of the Body of Messiah, and welcome contributions from other Congregational leaders and ministries.

    2. A Messianic Community Center - complete with a chatroom that hosts weekly services on Erev Shabbat (Friday Evening) and Havdilah (Saturday Evening) and a Theology discussion forum hosted by

    3. CHAZAK! (Strength) and collection of teaching resources for general and Messianic Apologetics to provide answers to the Anti-Missionaries, Cultist, and all other AntiMessiahs on the Internet and elsewhere.
    4. A Messianic Siddur (Prayerbook) to aid congregations in keeping Shabbat and the other feasts ordained of G-d. This resource is absolutely free and downloadable and may be printed out and given away. Please do not sell copies of it, however.

    5. Moshiach in the Mikdosh - The ORiginal HeartofIsrael site was a online tract that showed the MEssiah through a tour of the Temple. It is still online at

    6. A Messianic Radio Station at plays messianic music all the time. No teaching just praise and worship.

    7. A Languages section to help you learn biblical languages.

    8. An Art gallery of art work from talented Messianic Artists.

    9. Messianic SCI-FI? Yes Science Fiction that is biblically based and theologically sound. - Updated: November 8, 2004

    3. Can I Use Your Siddur in my Congregation? - Top

    Of Course... it is a free gift to the body of Messiah.

    But since it is free, it must remain free. Give it away as we have given it away. Do not sell it. That is all we ask! - Updated: November 8, 2004

    4. Why are there Video Teachings? - Top

    In 2001 snd 2002 The L-rd gave us a vision for documenting how to keep the biblical feasts of G-d (haMoedim) in order to teach the proper method of remembering these annual feasts that all point to Y'shua. To watch these videos you must have Real Player version 8 or above installed on your computer. - Updated: November 8, 2004

    5. How did grow out of - Top

    in 2005 Rabbi Yossef lost his job as government contrav=ctor after a moslem bought the company he worked forand fired him for being a jewish terrorist. As a result of that job loss he lost his home to foreclosure and could no longer afford to renew the domain name in 2006 the criminal organization auctioned to the highest bidder which is this care proved to be white supremacists (antisemites) who put up a website designed to trap and identify jews! Pia Cruz the faithful editor of then purchased the domain name and copied the content of to the new domain.