The General Timeline

The following is a general outline of what the doctrine covers, based on Bible chronology (as far as I know from personal encounters). I am assuming if you have come this far you are already familiar with the doctrine and are looking for clarity on this issue. Maybe you've come form "mainstream" Christianity. Lots of supporting evidence for and against will be covered within each section but these are the main headings.

As the series progresses, we need to break each part down and question it thoroughly with the same Bible and show where any holes and logic problems start to arise with the Kenite-Serpent-Seed Hypothesis. This is entirely under construction and sections may be added to, altered, re-written, updated or deleted as time progresses. If you can help with the project, please contact us!

  1. Eve had sex with Satan
  2. Cain is literally Satan's offspring.
  3. Cain's offspring survive a local flood, (not global) and become known as the Kenites in the land of Canaan during Abraham's time.
  4. The Kenites (Canaanites) trick the incoming army of Israel into not being wiped out. Because of their trickery, they are become servants of the temple as log cutters and water bearers.
  5. They return after the captivity as "nethinims" (Ezra) and those with no proof of bloodline.
  6. By Christ's time the nethinims are the Pharisees (etc.) who are literally Satan's direct genetic descendants - not Jews. When Christ says to the Pharisees that they are of their father the devil, and in other references in parables, He is being literal.
  7. For some - the doctrine of "British Israelism" is an add-on to define who the real Jews are!